Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yet another posting for the TSAs

I love these kids! They are so cute!

 This is a picture of my cousins and I and our grandma.


This is a posting for my El Ed TSA.

I think this video is adorable, and one of the reasons I want to work with children.

Tinkerbell is my favorite character.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thing I Have Learned

Here is a list of things I have learned since my last blog post, in no particular order...

1. I am a horrible blogger. (I kinda thought I might be, but I am seriously horrible!)

2. Teen Wolf sucks.
I made it through like half of an episode. The CGI is pathetic. I honestly thought I was watching a video game. That's how unrealistic everything was! I seriously thought I would be into it, but the acting was bad, and the story line was predictable and so used up! I like crappy TV way more than most people, but even I have my limits, and I had to draw the line at Teen Wolf. I am deeply sorry for those hoping for a weekly recap. I may have disappointed you temporarily, but in the long run you will thank me.

3. Getting hit by a car really hurts.

4. Having your grandparents live in Africa is weird. But also awesome.
It is super hilarious to watch people's faces go from shock to awe and then confusion when you tell them that your grandparents moved to Zambia.

5. This season of the Bachelorette is sub par. 
Ashley was the worst pick for this show. You can't have such an insecure Bachelorette. I am with Bentley...They should have gone with Emily. (Okay that was mean) Speaking of Emily... There has got to be something else going on with her and Brad. I guess her little interview was supposed to answer some questions, but it left me with even more than before. Previously I was sad they were not together anymore, but that is about all the thought I gave it, now I am seriously curious! And she was back to the lovable Emily in that interview, what the heck?
Ben is my favorite.
J.P. (aka Joseph Gordon Levitt) is a little freaky with how much he likes her, but I still think he's cute.
Constantine (or Connie, Stan, or Teeners as I call him) I liked him a lot more after the hometown. I guess I just can't resist a Greek family that owns an Italian restaurant.
AMES... I feel bad for the guy. He looks like a cross between The Goonie's Sloth and Brendan Frasier, there may also be some Oompa Loompa in there too. And I would have to agree with Ames, being alone is "less enticing." So awkward.

6. The Big Bang Theory is HILARIOUS! 
I am in love with that show! I watch like 3 episodes a day. I have also decided that I want a super genius friend. I think it would be funny!

7. HP 7 Part II 
Words cannot even describe how incredible Harry Potter was! I thought I was going to be seriously sad after it was over, but I felt good. But it is still weird to think that Harry Potter is over. I feel like my childhood is officially over. A chapter of my life has come to an end! Strange! (How hilarious did they all look 19 years later?! Love it)

8. Gerber Daisies are my favorite flower

9. I am extremely white and need a tan

10. Writing to missionaries is hard.
I apologize to those of you missionaries out there who have not received a letter from me (this is mostly for grandma and grandpa. I love you and will write soon!) For those of you who have received a letter from me and refuse to write me back as punishment... that's just mean! Its been over a month, come on now!

11. Selena Gomez is not that pretty.
She kind of has a weird upper lip.

12. I am super awesome at showering, driving, doing hair and make up and getting dressed with one hand.

13. This season of PLL is fantastic! 
That show is so good! SO much drama!

14. Suits on USA is a seriously awesome TV show. A must watch.

15. I watch too many TV shows

16. Jilly's baby is so cute! 
I love him already! Welcome to the world Chase!

17. Death is a hard part of life.

18. I miss my friends! 
You all need to come see me! I would come to you, but that would mean summer was over, and I am not ready for that yet. Not now that I have my cast off and I can finally swim and tan!

19. I don't think I have anything else, but I thought there should be 19 things I have learned! haha

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My First Entry as a Blogger

Wow! My first entry as a blogger! I never thought I would see the day! This blog was originally going to be a joke, but decorating it was so fun, I decided to make it official! I don't know how often I will blog,(hopefully I will do it more than my mother who only does it once a year), but I love sharing my opinion, so why not blast it into cyber space!

For those who have wanted me to start sharing my conversations with my grandma, I have decided to post my "Convos with Con" on this blog. I will also post recaps of TV shows, including but not limited to Teen Wolf,(oh yes Cindy that will be happening), Vampire Diaries, (when it comes back), and possibly The Bachelor/Bachelorette, but my cousin Jenna posts about that show and I really don't think I can compete with her commentary.

While I am here in California, I might post funny things that happen at work, or with the family (maybe I can make up in that area where my mom has lacked. Ha ha just kidding Mom, you are great!)

Well that's all for now. We will see how well I can keep up this blog. Time will tell!